ISO 9001 Introduction

Why should you attend?

ISO 9001 Introduction training course enables you to comprehend the basic concepts of a Quality Management System (QMS).  

By attending the ISO 9001 Introduction course, you will understand the importance of a Quality Management System and the benefits that businesses, society and governments can obtain.

Who should attend?

  • Individuals interested in Quality Management
  • Individuals seeking to gain knowledge about the main processes of Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Learning objectives

  • Understand the concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques used to implement a Quality Management System 
  • Understand the basic elements of a Quality Management System (QMS)



More Details

  • Day 1: Introduction to Quality Management Systems (QMS) concepts as required by ISO 9001

  • Training material containing over 100 pages of information and practical examples will be distributed

  • An attestation of course completion worth 7 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits will be issued to the participants who have attended the training course.

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ISO 9001 Course Brochures

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