Strategic Business Development


A holistic and integrated approach

While strategic business development is often just defined as the alignment of outward looking business development processes and procedures with your firm’s strategic business goals to acquire ideal new clients and further develop existing ones, this approach alone may not deliver the desired results if all the other business processes are not aligned too.

We help companies take a holistic approach by aligning processes across the organization thus integrally developing the whole business and delivering consistent results over time.

What We Offer

At Adincos Inc. we are pleased to offer solutions that address the greatest challenges for your organization.

Our solutions follow a logical series of steps from analysis of needs, diagnostic of troubled areas, mapping and optimization of processes to the overall management of other important elements of implementation.

Business Analysis & Diagnostic

We use business analysis to break down the big picture into manageable pieces...

Business Process

We use business process maps as a framework intended to graphically...

Business Process Reengineering & Optimization

Once business processes are mapped, in depth analysis leads to identification...

Integrated Work Systems Implementation

As optimization of business processes is done, we proceed to interrelate people...

Project and Change Management

Be it creating a new organization, designing new work processes...


As part of globalization, most firms, small and big, are discovering...

We Provide Tailored Solutions

Whether you’re looking for specific advice or need all round assistance navigating the current business climate, we’re on hand to guide and inform – contact us to see how we can help